czwartek, 28 maja 2015

The Old Fortress

The town of Corfu is not like an ordinary Greek city, you can see the influences Venetian, British and French. One of the most popular building on the island is The Old Fortress . Despite its name The castle is not so old because was built by the Venetians (1402-1797). The first name of the castle was Sea-Tower and was build  600 m long and 200 m wide and dates back to the Byzantine period. Old Fortress It is a very mysterious building since under the stronghold there was a maze of angled ways and passages up to the top to the stone which shaped a flawless underground joining framework. The structures inside the palace were developed by the Venetians and served as private premises for military, political and distinguished individuals. Tragically none of the structures made due until today and the structures which you will find in the stronghold today were developed by the British much later.

Today, islanders are proud of this magnificent building that thousands of visitors admire each year.

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